I grew up in the Red River Valley of North Dakota. Most of my home town, Park River, was at the bottom of a hill and historically, that hill was the west edge of Lake Agassi, a glacial lake from the a past ice age.

Various things like that, from the past, keep coming to mind and it has all finally made sense. Through ages past and, yes, even now, humans have been chasing after God.

Consider a time when everyone thought the world was flat. It was an accepted theory and has been followed by many more theories. Someone back then obviously tested out the theory and didn’t fall off the edge of the earth. I am thankful that people like Christopher Columbus struck out to find another world, chasing after the truth about God’s creation, believing there must be more.

Even gravity was a mystery until Newton started asking questions. The human body was a mystery until people like da Vinci and thousands before him wanted answers.

Then jump ahead to the exploration of outer space. Someone was challenged to know more. What amazes me is that no matter how far they go, there is always more to discover. They are, whether they realize it or not, chasing after the truth about God’s creation and God is always one step ahead. For reasons only scientists understand, they refuse to admit that God created more than they will ever see or understand.

Communication has skyrocketed in the past century. Human intelligence has tapped into the air waves, thanks to people like Franklin and Morse, but God made the air waves in the first place. What a remarkable creation, those airwaves. The internet, cell phones, radio, TV, Wifi, are all man-made technologies but they make use of those invisible airwaves and no human scientist can claim credit for creating them.

Great exploration of the oceans and creatures living under the water is taking place and every once in a while a new (to us) living being is discovered. I doubt if mankind will ever admit they are chasing after God.  Of course not, because then they would have to admit there is an intelligence greater than theirs. And so, without realizing it,  they continue to chase after God.

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