Our congregation was moved to tears when Pastor Dave Wicks talked about watching the video of the burning alive of a prisoner by ISIS. What was powerful, he noted, was when the camera panned over the faces of young ISIS followers who were standing at attention watching. There was horror in their eyes, some looked stunned, I’m sure many of them, at that moment, were wondering what they had gotten themselves into.

Out of that story, many people have begun to pray specifically for the terrorists. My prayer is that some of them will remember times of love from their past and will weigh them against the hatred being shown by the group they have joined. God’s word is being broadcast via radio waves all over the world. I pray that somewhere, someone in that ISIS terrorist group, will hear even a snippet of one of those messages.

I am reminded of the movie, Jakob the Liar. It came out in 1999 and tells the story of Jewish people living in a ghetto in Poland under the control of the Nazis. Jakob (Robin Williams), is detained one evening and taken to the police station. In the short time he is there, Jakob overhears a few minutes of news on the radio, encouraging news reporting that the Russians were on their way to rescue them. After Jakob is released he encourages his fellow Jews with that news. Everyone wants to hear more, so he embellishes the truth, assumes things that might happen and finally tells them he has a forbidden radio hidden away and continues to encourage his people with fictitious news.

To me, that is a great example of the fact that even a few sentences of God’s word overheard by one person has the potential to change hearts and minds and lives. Pray for wisdom for Christians who are preparing the scripts for the broadcasts and for their tech teams. Pray that God would fill them to overflowing with the love of Christ so that every word would be preached in love. Pray too, that those that hear the broadcast would share what they heard with others.

Before I finish this blog, I need to include a miracle as promised.This is not a current miracle but it is true and illustrates the truth. Saul was a man who hated Christians. Sound similar to the terrorists we hear about today? He sent people out to kill Christians and honestly believed it was God’s will to do so. Sounds so familiar, doesn’t it?

Then one day Saul came face to face with Jesus on the road to Damascus. You probably know the rest of the story. His life was transformed, his name changed to Paul and he wrote many of the epistles in our Bible.

Lord, in Jesus’ name I ask that even a tiny snippet of a Christian broadcast would be heard by a terrorist and grow and multiply and bring froth fruit onto salvation. I pray Lord, that you would raise up a Paul (or many) from out of the terrorists groups who are killing Christians. Then I ask you, Lord, for another miracle. Please, anoint Godly people to set up an underground railroad for those who want to flee their life of slavery to ISIS. During the Civil War in the USA slaves made their way from the south all the way up into Canada. It can be done again. God is able.

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