I have been praying for several people who are preparing to take the gospel into the 10/40 Window of the world. That  includes the regions of the eastern hemisphere, plus the European and African part of the western hemisphere, located between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. That area has the highest level of socioeconomic challenges and least access to the Christian message and Christian resources on the planet.

John the Baptist talked about preparing the way of the Lord in Mark 1:3. I asked myself what would be the best way for me to pray to prepare the way for those training to go?  I  believe that Christian radio and TV prepares the way of the Lord so using Paul’s example in Ephesians 1:17, I ask God to give spiritual wisdom and insight to those who choose the scriptures and hymns for the broadcasts and spiritual wisdom and insight to their tech support. Then, from our modern-day lingo, I also ask the Lord to beam those broadcasts with laser point accuracy into hungry hearts, souls and minds.

Since taking the Kairos course and increasing my world view I have printed off pages and pages of data about People Groups around the world. In Turkey alone there are 60 people groups and many different languages. The statistics show that their Assyrian population is 25,000, their primary religion is Christianity but only 0.2% are Evangelical Christians. Many groups have no Christians or .01%.

So the Lord has laid on my heart to pray for the Evangelical Christians who hear the broadcasts from Turk7. Using the words written in Jeremiah 20:9, I pray that the word would burn in the hearts of the Christians like a fire, like fire in their bones until they can’t hold it in anymore and I ask the Lord to open doors of ministry for them. I also pray for great wisdom for those who know more than one language to translate the message for those who didn’t understand.

Now a story about a miracle that came by way of radio and TV. After finishing high school  a girl who had been bullied by Christian youth left the church and vowed she would never marry a Christian guy. She went through some tough times over the next few years and but she had family praying for her. Then she met her soul-mate. He wasn’t a Christian so he was perfect for her and they moved in together.

They had good jobs and were happy and content. Everything was going great. Then one evening when  she was at work her soul-mate watched a Billy Graham program on TV. The word beamed into his heart with laser accuracy and he committed his life to the Lord, on the spot. When she came home from work he told her what happened and said, “We need to get married.” They got married within the week and she didn’t even have time to realize she was marrying a Christian guy. Over the years God has filled them with wisdom and revelation and today the mercy, grace and love of God flows out from them to everyone they meet.

Is there someone special you are praying for? As John the Baptist said: Prepare ye the way of the Lord.

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